David EBY and the NDP are Rewarding Bad Drivers - Wes Mussio
Make no bones about it, the big winner of any no-fault program for car insurance in British Columbia is the at-fault driver.
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David EBY and the NDP are Rewarding Bad Drivers

David EBY and the NDP are Rewarding Bad Drivers

Make no bones about it, the big winner of any no-fault program for car insurance in British Columbia is the at-fault driver.


This is the person that was driving down the roadway, not paying attention or for that matter, impaired by reason of alcohol or drugs, and causes potentially a lifelong injury to an innocent victim. Under the existing motor vehicle insurance programs in the vast majority of North America and in BC, the at-fault driver does not receiving the same benefits/compensation as the person he/she injured.

It makes little sense that the NDP government and David Eby have set out on a path to reward bad drivers.

If you think I’m overstating the facts, I’m not. The bad driver that caused the accident gets the exact same coverage/compensation as the innocent victim he/she injured. The accident benefits available for both the at-fault driver and the innocent victim are identical. They, of course, are based on personal circumstances but that goes both ways. In some cases, the bad driver will actually receive more compensation for injuring somebody then the person that he/she injured. For example, if the bad driver was a high income earner and the victim was a low income earner than the bad driver is the one that walks away with the most compensation from the accident.

There is no way the NDP and David Eby can rationalize this approach of rewarding bad driving in today’s society. I can’t imagine anyone in the public that would agree that an individual that negligently causes an accident, especially while distracted driving or impaired, should be receiving the exact same compensation (or more) as the victim of the car accident. David Eby has tried to downplay this intended consequence of his no-fault legislation by saying that the at-fault driver is actually penalized to some extent under the no-fault scheme. This is an over exaggeration because the only penalty would be the potential of a reduction in safe driving discount which, compared to the compensation being received by the at-fault driver for his/her own negligence, is a minimal penalty at best. There’s no question that the at-fault driver wins big under this legislation.

The bigger issue is that when you increase the amount of benefits to everyone, regardless of fault, you end up having a lot of individuals that will be enjoying the fact that they now have government payments available for not only treatment but also for wage replacement. Being a little cynical, there is quite a few citizens that would be very happy to remain off work enjoying the proceeds of the government as opposed to working hard after an injury to get back to work. That’s just the reality of our entitlement society that seems to have developed in recent decades.

When you add a whole series of new individuals that have access to ICBC money more than ever, the cost of administering the program will skyrocket contrary to what the NDP is trying to sell. The fact that all these individuals that caused the motor vehicle accidents now have open access to all sorts of benefits and wage indemnity means that there are many more adjusters having to be hired to administer the files not to mention that many more payments are made to a new set of claimants (aka the at-fault driver). The experiences with no-fault legislation across North America have proven, time and time again, that these sorts of no-fault programs are very expensive to administer, highly bureaucratic, labour-intensive and do not ultimately result in any real cost savings to the motoring public in lower premiums.

In summary, the NDP’s no-fault program is definitely beneficial to bad drivers. They are the ones that win the most from the no-fault program.

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