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Wesley Mussio grew up in Trail, British Columbia and graduated from J.L. Crowe Senior Secondary in 1982. During the high school years, Wes Mussio played at the highest level in soccer and participated in the Trail Smoke Eater program for hockey. He also aspired in track and field particularly at the 400 meter distance. After a one-year session at Selkirk College in Castlegar, Wesley Mussio moved to the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) into the Faculty of Forestry. He ended up graduating in 1986 with a BSF (Bachelor of Science in Forestry) but before then, Wes Mussio was heavily involved in student politics being the House President at Place Vanier-Robson House for a year and being the President of Gage Towers for two years. Rather than immediately going into law school, Wesley Mussio decided to pursue a Registered Professional Forester (“RPF”) designation and took a year off to work for the Ministry of Forests in Williams Lake and then West Fraser Mills in Quesnel. He then entered the Faculty of Law at UBC and eventually graduated in 1990. Wes Mussio then took another six months out of law to finish off the necessary two-year training for becoming an RPF. After a backpacking venture to Europe, he then started articles at Ferguson Gifford, and complete the articles in November 1991 becoming a lawyer. While at UBC, Wes Mussio was heavily involved in athletic programs. He played three years of Super League Hockey in the top division at UBC while also playing Super League Soccer in the top division. While in the interior working in forestry, Wes Mussio played soccer in the interior men’s league and during the winter months, played commercial league in the Cariboo for hockey. Since becoming a lawyer in 1991, Wes Mussio began working in the area of ICBC injury claims, principally defending claims on behalf of ICBC. He worked as an ICBC defence lawyer for a little over a decade and then decided to move to the plaintiff only side to help injured parties. His first stint at plaintiff only work was at Murphy Battista but in 2011, Wesley Mussio decided to join forces with Eric Goodman and open Mussio Law Group and then eventually Mussio Goodman. The new law firm has quickly developed into one of the leaders in personal injury litigation as well as estate litigation. In 1993, Wesley Mussio and Russell Mussio opened up Backroad Mapbooks and the company has now developed into one and largest national mapping companies in Canada. As Wes Mussio has a passion for the outdoors, this company is a perfect fit as he gets to travel the outdoors in guise of research projects. Wesley Mussio married Penny Stainton in 1993 and they have two lovely children, Madison Mussio and Devon Mussio. Madison lives in London attending Birkbeck University for a Bachelors of Law degree. Previously, she obtained a Bachelor of Business degree in hospitality and tourism from Les Roches in Switzerland graduating with distinction and top 20% of her class. Devon Mussio graduated from St. Georges in 2017 with a 4.0/4.0 grade point average. He is currently pursuing his professional hockey/ NCAA Division 1 dreams with the Nanaimo Clippers of the BCHL.
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Published Books


Backroad Mapbooks

Backroad Mapbooks is the go-to source for road and recreation maps and activities guides for hiking, fishing, camping, paddling, snowmobiling, atving and more!i


Wes grew up in Trail where his father exposed him to the great outdoors and he fell in love with being in the back country hiking, fishing and hunting. Wes Mussio founded Backroad Mapbooks with his brother, Russ Mussio, in 1993 by putting his passion for the outdoors and mapmaking together.


Over 25 years later, both brothers have created a successful map book company spanning all across Canada. Backroad Mapbooks has now become the largest mapbook company in Canada.


Today, Backroad Mapbooks has expanded to chart all ten provinces and the Yukon Territory, with industry-leading GPS maps, a smartphone app, waterproof maps and more, the Backroad Mapbooks series has come a long way.


Find out more about Backroad Mapbooks here.


Fair Inheritance

Get a free copy by contacting ($19.95 value)


When a family member passes, invariably someone needs to take over the affairs of the deceased and ensure fairness in the distribution of the deceased’s assets. In deciding who should control the wind-up of the estate, the Will of the deceased will be the key document to review for the answer.


The unfortunate part is that families are often complex with plenty of infighting. Wills are seldom completely fair and for that matter, many people die without a Will. In the result, there is plenty of British Columbia estate that end up in litigation simply because the deceased did not expect to die and therefore, did not properly manage the way in which his/her estate will be distributed upon death.


This book is written as a general introduction for a person learning about estate matters for the first time. The language is simplistic and so the book is intended to alert the reader to potential issues in the wind-up of an estate. Ultimately, it is good advice to consult a lawyer on your particular issue before proceeding. The book contents, however, will alert you to some potential pitfalls so you can focus your efforts accordingly.


Ultimately, we hope this book will help you understand the estate wind-up process, so you have the necessary background to get a fair result from your family member as it relates to the estate of a love one.


Check out reader’s reviews on Goodreads which currently has a rating of 5.0/5.0.


Fair Inheritance is also available at the Vancouver Public Library.


What ICBC Does Not Want You to Know

Get a free copy by contacting ($19.95 value)


Advancing your ICBC claim can be very difficult and confusing. You are dealing with trained insurance adjusters who are hired by and paid by ICBC. Clearly, without some knowledge on how ICBC claims work, you are susceptible to be taken advantage of. That is why we have written an extensive book on how to deal with ICBC.


After you read the book, we can assure you that you will find your ICBC experience more rewarding by knowing what to expect from your ICBC claim and the settlement process. Indeed you are getting decades worth of knowledge and experience when you read this book.


Overall, within the book you will find valuable information that will guide you through all stages involved in an ICBC claim. You will find information on virtually every situation you may face in your ICBC claim. Of particular interest is a chapter on the various ICBC defense tactics which ICBC uses to try to minimize the amount they have to pay to you in your claim.


Ultimately, we hope this book will help you understand the ICBC process so you have the necessary background to get a fair result from ICBC. In other words, we hope to level the playing field.


The Vancouver Sun has positively stated that the book “Includes a lot of  information you might one day be glad to have” and goes on to call it “a sharp thorn in ICBC’s side”. You can read the full review here: The Vancouver Sun: Book shows that you really ought to find out what ICBC does not necessarily want you to know


“Amazing Book” – Daily Hive Vancouver
 Read more: Car Accidents – What ICBC Does Not Want You To Know


Readers have also written reviews on the book on Goodreads, which currently has a rating of 5.0/5.0.


The book is also available at the Vancouver Public Library.