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Wes Mussio is the co-owner / founder of Backroad Mapbooks and Mussio Goodman Law. He is also the owner of the BCHL team, Nanaimo Clippers.
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Related Websites


Wes Mussio started Backroad Mapbooks with his brother, Russ Mussio in 1993. Wes has written over 25 best-selling books through Backroad Mapbooks.



Wes Mussio is the head of the estate litigation legal department at the Mussio Goodman Law Group. He has also written a book on the topic called Fair Inheritance: The Basics of Estate Litigation in British Columbia.



Mussio Goodman was founded by Wes Mussio in 2012. Later on Eric Goodman joined the law firm as a partner. The law firm chain now has 6 locations in British Columbia and 2 locations in Alberta.

Wes Mussio has a personal website that highlights personal and professional achievements such as being a founder and owner of the law firm chain Mussio Goodman Law and owning the Nanaimo Clippers.



The Nanaimo Clippers are a Junior “A” ice hockey team based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. They are members of the Island Division of the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL). Wes Mussio bought the team with his wife in 2017.


ICBC is a free online resource outlining all the issues and complications you may encounter when dealing with ICBC. Wes Mussio wrote best-selling book, What ICBC Does Not Want you To Know based on the website.